NAP Tax Credits Available for Purchase

Reduce your tax liability while benefiting local communities.

NAP tax credits work as an incentive to encourage business and with individuals with business income, including property rental income, to contribute to neighborhood charities and projects. Under the Missouri NAP program, any corporation or individual with business or royalty income in the state of Missouri is eligible to receive a tax credit valued at 70% of their contribution. The NAP tax credits are used as cash when paying Missouri taxes and are in addition to any federal charitable deduction. Friends of the Hickory County Health Department and Lily’s House have both been awarded Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credits through the Missouri Department of Economic Development. 

Friends of Hickory County Health Department will use NAP donations to renovate an open-air facility to provide space for additional community programs.  Upon completion, the facility will house a year round farmers’ market, exercise classes, agriculture, and health and nutrition classes.

Lily’s House will direct NAP donations to the acquisition of a facility currently used as long-term shelter for women and children who are undergoing financial crisis, battling addiction, or are experiencing abuse. They will also conduct a complete renovation of the HVAC system and construct a community training facility adjacent to the current building.

If you are interested in donating to either of these great causes and receiving a 70% tax credit in return, please contact Ashley Swartz at (660) 885-3393 or via email at



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