Community Development and Economic Development are two separate matters that one could argue do not necessarily need to overlap. However, these two topics are linked to each other, and improving one improves the other simultaneously.

Kaysinger supports strategies, programs and projects that strengthen our region through both community and economic development and promote efficient use of municipal resources. We coordinate with federal, state, regional and local partners to pursue community and economic development strategies, programs, and projects that encourage investment in our region. Our communities cannot thrive without both economic and social investments.

Community Development

Community development builds more robust, more resilient communities and empowers community members to create stronger and more connected communities. Community development addresses needs such as infrastructure, public facilities installation and improvements, community facilities, housing rehabilitation, public services, clearance/acquisition, code enforcement, planning, and demolition. 


Kaysinger staff is experienced in preparing a wide variety of grant applications, as well as administering a variety of funding opportunities. Throughout Kaysinger’s history, staff has overseen and managed hundreds of projects successfully