Regional planning focuses on the efficient use of infrastructure, land-use activities and settlement involving a geographical area, generally much larger than a city or town. It often involves working with local lawmakers for the effective management of the region and its resources. Regional planning focuses on the effective use of infrastructure and zoning to create a sustainable future for the region.

What is Regional Planning?

Kaysinger exists as a cooperative effort between its member counties for a variety of problem-solving and future development opportunities in the region. Kaysinger members work together to make the most of the economic, natural, and human resources available in the region to better serve local communities. The main function of the commission is to provide professional planning resources to the region’s members and promote the general welfare of the area, including the public health, safety, and economic prosperity of the region’s residents.

Kaysinger’s Role

There are two primary roles for a regional planning commission:

To provide regional planning and coordination for the implementation of state and federal programs.

To provide local planning and support services to its member communities.

Since 1968, Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission has established itself as a leader for regional coordination.