Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, located in West Central Missouri, serves Bates, Benton, Cedar, Henry, Hickory, St Clair, and Vernon counties. As a planning organization, we aid our communities in transportation planning, hazard mitigation planning, economic & community development, grant writing & administration, and so much more! We connect our communities to opportunities because vibrant, thriving communities lead to better-lived lives for all our citizens.

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Basin Regional
Planning Commission

Regional Planning

Kaysinger exists as a cooperative effort between its member counties for a variety of problem-solving and future development opportunities in the region.

Economic Development

The Kaysinger Basin Region is well positioned to facilitate the growth of its economy and the lifestyle of its residents.


Kaysinger staff is experienced in preparing a wide variety of grant applications, as well as administering a variety of funding opportunities.

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Sheridan Garman-Neeman
Executive Director

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