Across rural America, lack of access to reliable broadband has stymied economic and community growth. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) administered by the FCC was created to support the development of broadband infrastructure in these areas that cannot otherwise procure the financial investment necessary to move forward. Unfortunately, the maps used to qualify for these funds routinely misrepresent the speeds available to rural Americans – disqualifying their households from the program. Now state and local governments are disputing these maps, and we need your help to accurately represent the lack of broadband infrastructure in our region.

This initiative is being sponsored by Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission in partnership with GEO consulting, and with the support of Benton, Cedar, Hickory, St. Clair, and Vernon Counties.

Please click here to get started. We will be seeking tests throughout the year, and multiple tests from the same location are encouraged over that time.