The mission of the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission is to enhance the quality of life of residents in the Kaysinger region by creating wealth and opportunity. Kaysinger will assist each member city and county in fostering change and improving the community and economic development of the region while striving to ensure a greater quality of the environment and cultural resources within the region.

Who We Are

Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, was formed when a group of residents and elected officials recognized the need for a unified effort to cooperatively solve problems and plan for the future development of human, natural, and economic resources in the region. They decided that regional planning is an indispensable guide to local government in accomplishing a coordinated and efficient development of the area, promoting public health, safety, general welfare, and economic prosperity for existing and future needs.

The primary focus of the organization upon its inception has been to provide professional planning services and technical assistance to members within the region. Kaysinger helps communities help themselves, now and in the future, and forges links between local leaders and state and federal agencies.

What We Do

Established in 1968, Kaysinger serves more than 100,000 people in Bates, Benton, Cedar, Henry, Hickory, St. Clair, and Vernon counties. Kaysinger aids these counties and their communities in areas of grant writing and administration services, economic and community development planning, transportation planning, solid waste management, hazard mitigation planning, and more.

For a full work plan for the 2017-2018 Kaysinger fiscal year, check out our 2020 Work Program.

Where We Are

We are located at 221 N 2nd Street in Clinton, Missouri, right next to the Henry County Library.