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Bates County Industries

Bates County was awarded a Community Development Block Grant. This grant is for the purpose of expanding Bates County Industries, a Sheltered Workshop in Butler.

2011 Kaysinger Annual Dinner

Annual Appreciation Dinner November 17, 2011

2013 Annual Dinner

Kaysinger Basin would like to thank everyone for attending the annual dinner. We'd like to say thank you again to our sponsors: Osage Valley Electric Cooperative, Adrian, MO Chamber of Commerce, Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce (Windsor, MO), El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Butler Chamber, Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Missouri Bank, Hawthorn Bank, Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Great Rivers Associates, Beck Church of Church's Blue Ribbon Bakery, and Green Streets Market. We'd also like to send out a thank you to the Pomme de Terre United Methodist Church for being very gracious hosts. And last, but certainly not least, we want to thank our speakers, Darin Hamelink, Jerany Jackson, and Catherine Jones. We appreciate you speaking to us. We have a wonderful region and are so thankful to all the support we get from our region. We couldn't do it without you guys! Thanks again to everyone for attending! See you next year!


As of December, 2012, Missouri Highway 71 has been designated Interstate 49. In the Kaysinger Basin region, this will most closely affect Bates and Vernon counties. However, the rest of the region will also benefit. I-49 is 180 miles long, running between Kansas City and Pineville. In the future, five more miles of I-49 will be built south of Pineville to connect with I-49 in Arkansas. When completed, the I-49/I-29 corridor will be 1,600 miles through Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota. It will link New Orleans area ports on the Gulf of Mexico and central Canada near Winnipeg, a center for mineral mining, energy, agriculture and transportation. The interstate highway system has contributed significantly to growth in the U.S. business productivity and helped control distribution costs. Factors include reduced driving delays between urban centers, more reliable on-time delivery of freight and greater connectivity to air and rail terminals and river, lake and ocean ports. The increased mobility for the general public creates more job opportunities for workers, with the potential for higher income levels. In the Kaysinger Basin region, we expect to attract more commerce from businesses seeking to locate or expand in communities with an interstate highway nearby. Pictured are County Commissioners from the I-49 corridor and KBRPC staff.


The Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission has recently been awarded funding from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment to administer a Joint Land Use Study for Camp Clark in Vernon County, Missouri. Kaysinger will administer the funds and manage the project, serving as a liaison between the public, formed committees, and the selected consultant. Kaysinger sent out Requests for Proposals to a number of firms across the country and also advertised locally. During this time, a Policy Committee was formed and will be responsible for discussing information and findings, reviewing issues, and making the final decision of the completed report. Kaysinger received project proposals from 5 different firms. The Policy Committee reviewed and scored each proposal based on pre-determined evaluation criteria. After reviewing, the Policy Committee selected White & Smith, LLC to carry out the project. White & Smith, LLC is a firm located in South Carolina with offices in Kansas City. The firm is more than familiar with Joint Land Use Studies and is currently working on one in Neosho, Missouri for Camp Crowder. Kaysinger, along with Vernon County and Camp Clark, is very excited to be administering this project. The Policy and Technical Committees will meet with White & Smith, LLC for the first time in December to officially begin the project. This photo was taken at the first Policy Committee meeting held at Camp Clark on November 6th, 2013. Pictured: Sydney Allen (KBRPC), CPT Joseph Payton (Camp Clark), SFC Mike Selsor (Camp Clark), Jennifer Eaton (Nevada Chamber of Commerce), Randy Pike (State Representative), Neal Gerster (Vernon County Commission), Randi Marti (City of Nevada), Austin Mount (KBRPC).

Demolition Grants Awarded

Appleton City receives $230,500 grant for demolition! With the assistance of the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, the city of Appleton City was presented a grant award from the Community Development Block Grant program through the State of Missouri, Department of Economic Development, in the amount of $230,500 to demolish over 20 dilapidated residential and commercial structures city wide. “This project will give the city a breath of fresh air.” stated Mayor Stephanie Donnohue, “With this demolition grant and the sidewalk grant, the town of Appleton City will have a new light, a new sense of community and a new outlook into the future for generations to come.” Earlier this year Appleton City was awarded a $300,000 grant through MoDOT to complete a downtown revitalization project that will replace the sidewalks and lighting in the downtown district next summer. The Kaysinger Basin RPC prepared both the demolition and the sidewalk grant applications. Butler receives $195,625 grant for demolition On November 8th, Missouri State Representative Randy Pike presented a grant award to Butler mayor, Don Malan. The City of Butler was selected to receive a $195,625 grant from the Community Development Block Grant program through the State of Missouri, Department of Economic Development. The grant funds will be matched with city funds to demolish 35 dilapidated residential and 3 commercial structures city wide. The city received the grant with the help of the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission who partnered with the city to complete the successful grant application. Kaysinger will also be conducting the administration of this grant.