Regional Planning Commissions are conduits for state and federal funding sources. Because of this established relationship, communities across the Kaysinger region benefit from our work regardless of membership status. This includes speaking at various organizations, workshops, local, regional, and state conferences, advocating for the region at the state level and providing input on funding initiatives that benefit the region.

How can Kaysinger assist your community?

Regional Planning Commissions throughout the state are working more collaboratively and efficiently due to scarce resources. Coordinated statewide efforts are becoming more prevalent. Missouri benefits from these coordinated efforts that provide communities more resources and tools to respond to growth pressures and creatively implement community visions. Kaysinger organizes partners and coordinates planning efforts on a wide range of issues that are important to our rural communities. It is our goal to provide practical guidance, technical expertise, and other resources to enable communities to sustain or attain a way of life that is equitable, healthy, and sustainable.

There are many ways we can assist:

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