Kaysinger Board

Kaysinger Board of Directors

The Kaysinger Board of Directors meets the 3rd Thursday of every odd month at 12:00 pm.

Kaysinger Executive Committee

  • John Neuenschwander, Chairman
  • John King, Vice Chairman
  • Lila Foster, Secretary
  • Dennis Sieger, Treasurer
Kaysinger Board of Directors
Bates County Hickory County
   Jim Wheatley, County    Rick Pearson, County
   Vacant, Municipalities    Jim Fitts, Municipalities
   Vacant, Expanded    Vacant, Expanded
 Benton County St. Clair County
   Steve Daleske, County    Robert Salmon, County
   John King, Municipalities    Lila Foster, Municipalities
   Randy Pogue, Expanded    John Neuenschwander, Expanded
Cedar County Vernon County
   Don Boultinghouse, County    Cindy Thompson, County
   Vacant, Municipalities    Mark Mitchell, Municipalities
   Amy Hedrick, Expanded    Sheree Gayman, Expanded
Henry County  
   Dale Lawler, County  
   Dennis Sieger, Municipalities  
   Vacant, Expanded  

Kaysinger Full Commission Members

Bates County, Jim Wheatley St. Clair County, Robert Salmon
Adrian, Jeff Vick Appleton City, Kinleigh Preston
Butler, Vacant Lowry City, Randy Hinkle
Hume, Maxine Dixon Osceola, Lila Foster
Benton County, Steve Daleske Vernon County, Cindy Thompson
Cole Camp, Klark Bohling Nevada, Randy Marti
Lincoln, John King Sheldon, Vacant
Warsaw, Randy Pogue Walker, Phillip Martin
Cedar County, Don Boultinghouse Associate Members
El Dorado Springs, Vacant Adrian Chamber of Commerce
Stockton, Roger Hamby Butler Chamber of Commerce
Henry County, Dale Lawler Rich Hill Chamber of Commerce
Calhoun, Audrey Osborne Cole Camp Chamber of Commerce
Clinton, Dennis Sieger Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
Deepwater, Corrine Lesmeister Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
Montrose, Kent Schussler El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
Urich, Darla Conner Stockton Chamber of Commerce
Windsor, Lisa Lawless Greater Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce
Hickory County, Rick Pearson Windsor Chamber of Commerce
Hermitage, Jim Fitts Pomme De Terre Area Chamber of Commerce
Weaubleau, Tiffany Ashlock Osceola Chamber of Commerce
Wheatland, Sonia Kennedy  Vernon/Nevada Chamber of Commerce

Kaysinger By-Laws 2017-5