Additional Services


Armadillo Speed Sensor

Kaysinger has an Armadillo Speed Sensor to conduct traffic counts for the region. Many MoDOT traffic studies and permits require a speed study. The traditional method has been to nail down a device on the roadway surface to collect that data. That process took time and put individuals in the middle of the road. The Armadillo Speed Sensor is an innovative way to deploy a speed study from the side of the road out of the lane of traffic. This device attaches to a signpost or a tripod that registers all the lanes at one time. It then provides data for each lane as well as the type of vehicles and their speed. Due to an 11-day battery life, the data is collected for a longer time. The speed study data is sent via email to a traffic studies specialist in an easy-to-use spreadsheet. Once the data is received, the sensor is moved to a new location. The Armadillo has been used several times throughout the region and provided valuable information to the community. If you are interested in utilizing this device, please contact us at (660) 885-3393 to make an appointment.

Grant Writing and Grant Administration
Kaysinger staff is experienced in preparing a wide variety of grant applications, as well as administering a variety of funding opportunities, such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP), USDA Rural Development, Missouri Department of Transportation, Economic Development Administration, Missouri Heritage Properties Grant, Recreation Trails Program, and much more. Throughout Kaysinger’s history, staff has overseen and managed hundreds of projects successfully; including preservation projects for the Bates, Henry, and Vernon County Courthouses, a new Health Department for Hickory County, property acquisition for a domestic violence shelter, sidewalk expansions, and infrastructure improvements in Warsaw and El Dorado Springs, a new community center for Weaubleau, and strategic plans for economic development and recreational trails, and much, much more.

Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission Limited English Proficiency Plan

Any entity that has received funds from USDA Rural Development has to put together a Limited English Proficiency Plan. Don’t fret; Kaysinger has done that for you. Well, most of it anyway. You can use our plan as a format for yours. Our plan is based on the entire Kaysinger region. All you have to do is fill in your community’s information where applicable. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at (660) 885-3393.

NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Reviews

Many state and federal agencies require a NEPA Review for awarded projects such as CDBG, USDA, and MODNR. NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) is designed to ensure that Federally funded projects are environmentally sound. Kaysinger can conduct these reviews for you. These assessments take time and attention-let us help!


After checking out the website, do you have questions? Do you have a project in mind that requires assistance? Let us know! Give us a call, and we will assist by answering your questions. As a regional planning commission, we are here to serve you. With a team of regional planners, grant writers and administrators, and economic and community developers, we will be sure to assist you.
Stop by the Kaysinger office at 221 N 2nd Street, Clinton, MO 64735, give us a call (660) 885-3393.