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On-Site Wastewater Grant-Loan Program       

The purpose of the Missouri On-site Wastewater Improvement Grant-Loan program is to provide financing for homeowners seeking to make improvements to, or replace their on-site wastewater treatment system which will improve Missouri’s water quality. The program is funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and delivered by Missouri’s regional planning commissions and councils of governments. For more information, or for the grant-loan application, please see below.
Eligible Uses
  • Grants & Loans can be made for repair or replacement of private wastewater treatment systems for single-family houses, and multi- family housing consisting of four units or fewer.
  • Grants & Loans can be used to finance only approved systems that are installed by contractors, approved by each county’s respective health department. A list of approved installers can be found at:
  • Only systems recommended by the County Health Department, Department of Health & Senior Services, or the local authority will be funded.
  • Costs related to the installation of an approved system (such as soils investigation, engineering
Eligible Borrowers
  • Homeowners with a failing or failed on-site wastewater treatment system as documented by a certified installer or local health agency.
  • Homeowners must have sufficient income to make the loan payment and maintain the system.
Available Assistance
Household income above low-income guidelines:
  • 60% low-interest loan
  • 10% grant
  • 30% applicant’s cost
Household income below low-income guidelines:
  • 50% low-interest loan
  • 50% grant
For More Information
Contact: Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission
(660) 885-3393
221 N 2nd Street
Clinton, MO 64735


In Need of a Qualified Engineer?

Bill Hendrich is a Resident Engineer on staff at KBRPC. After growing up in Clinton, Bill spent much of his career in Washington, and later in Arizona, where he owned consulting firms. He has chosen to retire in Clinton and to be a part of KBRPC part-time, or on an as-needed basis. The current rate for KBRPC’s engineering services is $35.00/hr. If you or someone you know is in need of a Registered Civil Engineer, please contact the KBRPC office at (660) 885-3393 or email Bill at

 Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission Limited English Proficiency Plan

Any entity that has received funds from USDA, has to put together a Limited English Proficiency Plan. Don’t fret, KBRPC has done that for you. Well, most of it anyway. You can use our plan as a format for yours. Our plan is based on the entire KBRPC region. All you have to do is fill in your community’s information where applicable. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Cassie Sanders at (660) 885-3393.

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