Homeland Security

The following information was provided by
the Missouri Department of Public Safety,
Office of Homeland Security (OHS).

Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOCs)

Local communities are focused and engaged in Missouri’s homeland security program through the establishment of regional advisory groups, called Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOCs). RHSOCs fall under the governance structure of the Homeland Security Advisory Council.


Missouri’s “regionalization of homeland security” plan is focused on establishing a common sense, logical governance structure and process to facilitate local, community level engagement in not only grant funding priorities and strategies, but other homeland security related decisions. Fourteen (14) core disciplines at the county/local level have been identified as minimum voting participants in these regional committees. While only one individual from each discipline in a specific region will hold a voting seat on the committee, it is mandated that they represent all segments of their core discipline members in their region, including both county and local interest. They accomplish this through establishment of working groups within each discipline that are all inclusive in of their specific discipline in their geographic region. The RHSOCs meet quarterly, with additional meetings called as needed to deal with specific issues.

The following are the core disciplines that represent the minimal template for RHSOC membership:

♦  Emergency Management Director ♦  Law Enforcement
♦  Sheriff ♦  County Health
♦  City or County Public Works ♦  County Commissioner
♦  Emergency Medical Service ♦  Fire Chief
♦  Police Chief ♦  Homeland Security Regional Response System
♦  Mayor or City Administrator ♦  Private Industry/Public Utility
♦  911 ♦  Education


Use the map below to find your region.  The counties in KBRPC’s region are split between Regions A and D.  For more information on the individual regions, use the links beside the map.
Region A Region B
Region C Region D
Region E Region F
Region G Region H
Region I
Each RHSOC Chairman represents their region and local governments at the state level and collectively as a body and communicates directly to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. This collective group of RHSOC representatives meets bi-monthly immediately after the bi-monthly Governor’s HSAC meeting, in which they also participate. The RHSOC geographic boundaries are based on the established boundaries of Missouri’s Highway Patrol Regions A-I.


Office of Homeland Security Grant Opportunities

The Missouri Department of Public Safety, Office of Homeland Security, (OHS) has been designated as the State Administrative Agency (SAA) for Homeland Security grants. OHS leadership has designated a component identified as Grants and Training, Local and State Assistance (G&T) for the administration, management, and oversight of the following federal grant programs:

To learn about more funding opportunities through Missouri Office of Homeland Security or to find grant applications and other related forms, visit the Department of Public Safety’s grant page.

The State of Missouri developed the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) to streamline the administration of grants funded through various programs administered by Missouri Office of Homeland Security.  EGMS helps measure progress towards meeting the goals and objectives of the state homeland security strategic plan.